Emotional vampirism

There is a person I know, at a particular sports club I like to frequent. I know little enough about this person, apart from the fact that we share an interest, and I would recognize them on the street if I saw them. We’ve spoken a few times.

Well, I say ‘spoken’, but it mainly consisted of them talking and my listening to them. This person loves to talk. They chatter at high speed, from nervousness or simply obliviousness, on everything from current politics to the latest TV shows. They give their opinions, and inevitably and relentlessly talk about themselves.

They are an emotional vampire. A rare one, but a vampire nonetheless.

I have wondered whether their apparent narcissism is from being insecure or from a need for self-aggrandisment, but the root cause hardly matters. I avoid their company. I have not the time or patience to find out whether there is a good person under the layers of self-centered rudeness.

Thus always to vampires, my friends. Best to avoid them.


What’s happening

Okay, this is not really usual, but I find that my brain is full of stuff that isn’t porn. So I am not capable of writing porn. What’s happening? What’s going on?

See, here’s the annoying thing about being a writer. Sometimes you get the wrong muse. So it appears that the muse who normally supplies me with x-rated material is off having a smoke, and the muse who’s big into vampires is in da house (or something).


Sigh. I’m writing, isn’t that the important thing? But I’m letting you down, my dear friends. I’m failing you in the delivery of porn. I think I may have to wait until my muse gets back from that smoke break.

In the meantime, I give you vampire stuff. I’ve posted Part 2 of the vampire thing I was writing, called Vigilant. Part 1 is here in case you haven’t seen it already.


Help me

I’ve read three trashy romances today already and I’ve got nothing done….

Not really regretting it but good grief, I can’t keep this up. I have writing to do, dammit.

The weird vampire story is shaping up, and – gasp – I could turn it into more than one story. I could write a series, guys.

I am becoming the thing I despise the most. I am turning into a vampire romance hack. Pray for what is left of my soul, for I have clearly lost all semblance of good sense and character.

Either that or pray I finally write a good version of the whole sad, jaded, ridiculous trope.



The next story will be vampires. I am going to ride the sexy bandwagon until the wheels fall off it.

I’ve actually got a plot this time. I always have to decide what kind of story I want to tell – not what sex acts I want to include, although that’s usually fun, but it’s more important that I thrash out all that other stuff first. I need to know the big picture before I get into the fine details of what body parts go where.

It’s the problem of porn with plot, again. The porn almost writes itself, in my admittedly limited experience. It’s getting all the plot to work that bugs me, especially when I’m writing a sexy vampire story in a vague homage to Twilight. I have an outline that bears no resemblance to Twilight, and now I have to shove a vampire into it. I might have to boost this one to two weeks to get it somewhat working.

Hah, I’m essentially going to try to make something Twilight-esque good in only two weeks. And add sex into it. If the end result doesn’t look like it belongs on FanFiction.net, I will eat my various hats.

(Just FYI, you need to slap me if I ever use the word ‘perfect’ to refer to either of the main characters.)