Expanding stories

I have an idea. Because it always starts with an idea, doesn’t it? The idea was Kathy’s World, and now I want to expand it into something bigger.

So I joined this Good reads group, and they were nice enough to read it (because I asked politely) and they liked it. This makes me a happy Shay! One thing they said was that it felt like a longer book, or it should be one at least.

So. The idea got a little bigger. I can make it a novel, though I’m not sure how long it should be.

So much to write, so little time!


Thank Odin

Thanksgiving is such a weird holiday. Let’s all be thankful for having enough to eat and all that, on the day when our ancestors basically acted like dicks to the natives… Yeah. Bizarre.

Still, let’s get into the spirit of the season, shall we? All gratitude to whatever deities care to be listening. I’m thankful for being able to write again, and for having this sweet new laptop. I’m thankful that Obama got re-elected because, let’s face it, we were so incredibly screwed otherwise. I’m thankful that today is a little less shitty than yesterday for me.

What I’d really like to be is thankful that I can make a living off my writing, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. Maybe next year, eh? Enjoy your turkeys, my friends.


I always know

…that winter is finally here when I have to close my window at night.

I enjoy it, when it’s cold and dark. It’s less threatening, and more peaceful. Summer is loud, and blisteringly hot, and sweaty, and far too bright for my eyes; winter is so much easier on me. It’s made of warm drinks, Christmas, old movies, snow shapes, clear starry skies.

I still wonder at the people who find it depressing. I don’t like the assumption that winter is bad. It’s just different – and some of us really need that break from the oppressive heat of summer.