Isn’t there something

…going on tomorrow? Something about the president?

Heh. No, I’m just kidding around. I am not an uninformed voter, never fear. I’m also not afraid to say who I’m voting for – Obama, of course.

Go ahead, ask me why.

Because Romney is conservative and anti-porn. He doesn’t know jack shit about country-scale economics and his budget looks like it was written by an idiot (called Paul Ryan). His party is racist and spent the last four years fucking us over because getting a black man out of the White House was more important than combating the worst recession in decades.

He wouldn’t know diplomacy if it bit him on the ass. He lies, blatantly, if it’ll get him more political power. He panders to everyone as long as it’s convenient. He doesn’t know or understand the lives of 99% of this country, and he’d throw all of that 99% into a volcano if it’d get him the presidency.

In short, everything I know about Mitt Romney and the Republican party suggests that they don’t give a shit about America. Like it’s a means to get and wield power, and they don’t care who they have to destroy – in fact, it’s like they actively want to hurt people, if they get to the top. They want people to die for lack of Medicare. They want families to starve for lack of foodstamps. They want crime and suicide to increase out of the sense of pure and utter hopelessness that comes from knowing that there is no way out, the deck is always stacked against you, and nothing you do can help you climb out of the hole you were born into.

And for what?

So that they can pay a little less taxes, and feel a little more morally superior, and judge their fellow men and women for their perceived sins in lieu of helping them.

This is all I know about Romney and others like him. I’ve heard it from their own mouths. And I will be damned if I let such heartless, stupid creatures take command of this country in these dark times.

Get out and vote for Obama, guys. He’s done a good job.

I will now return to my ponderings on writing.


So I went to see

…a movie, instead of writing. In my defence, this weekend has already exhausted me to the point of just falling asleep on my keyboard, so who knows what I would have produced?

Surreal porn, probably, the like of which would make a pastor blush.

It’s still difficult to get back to the idea of writing, as if I don’t do it as naturally as I did before. I’m not sure why that is, apart from the exhaustion. But I’m back to thinking about stories again, and at least I can take comfort in knowing that my narrative circuits are still functioning.

On that note, good grief. Hollywood wouldn’t know a story if it jumped up and bit them on the neck (woo, free Twilight reference!) I’m at least reasonably sure that movies are written by the marketing committee at this point, and if you’re not guaranteed to make a tie-in game for a kids’ flick or a tie-in novel or spin-off for an adult film, it just doesn’t get made.

And sequels are king, even when they’re a colossally bad idea.

Am I disillusioned? Hell yes. I don’t think I could be persuaded to sell the movie rights for anything I wrote for any money at all. There’s just too much about the movie industry that repulses me, and the vast majority of their writing is top of that particular list.