Spam is funny

Spam is pretty hilarious when you’re writing about sexy stuff. It’s usually something along the lines of “Wow, this is a great and insightful article! Thanks, I’ll definitely be coming back and reading more! Your blog is great!” Then there’s links or whatever, either in the body or connected to the name.

I’m sure this is a viable tactic for a normal blog post, but when it’s me musing on whether prostitutes get tired of sex… yeah, not so much. It does give me giggles, though.

As for the spammer – yeah, I’m talking to you, buddy. You keep that up and I’ll put you in one of my stories and make you look ridiculous.

The new one is taking shape. I’m aiming for a deadline by next Friday, but no guarantees. I might make this one free or something.

I wonder if

…prostitutes feel indifferent about sex.

No really, hear me out. If sex (or the writing of it) is your job, what happens when you go home after a long day’s work and your partner wants some sexytimes? I bet it’s like a chef cooking their own dinner – they have to provide nothing but haute cuisine all day, but it’s whatever takes two minutes in the microwave when they put their feet up.

At least I can stop for sexytimes when I get bored. I really feel bad for the hookers of the world, though. I can only imagine that, after a whole day of having to perform on demand, the first thing they say when they get home is ‘Can’t we just cuddle?’