So that went well

Gave away about 700 copies of Dominion. It is my most fervent hope that those copies contributed to some grade-A sexytimes, and I get some reviews out of it.

Now! On to the next one. There will be college boys making out. This I have decreed.

I’ve been reading Reddit’s LGBT boards, looking for random snippets of lives to use as inspiration, and one thing struck me pretty early on – I have never struggled with my orientation the way some people do. I am pansexual and I am okay with it. I’ve always been okay with it. I didn’t always know it, but when I figured it out, it wasn’t mind-blowing or completely shattering. It just was. I didn’t really think about it, any more than I’d think about any other part of me. It was just like, hey, I can feel attraction to anyone. That is interesting, I wonder what it’s called?

I never had to face being shunned or beaten or whatever, because I can pretend to be straight if I want to. I’m grateful for that, but I don’t kid myself that it would have been different if I had come out. Life is shitty, I ain’t gonna pretend otherwise. I just happened to get lucky in that respect. Makes me feel a bit boring sometimes, I guess, and I know that’s a pretty shitty thing to think as well because the alternative is worse.

On the other hand, bonus! ALL kinds of porn turn me on! No restrictions for me, no sir!


I don’t know what’s happening

Dominion is at #34 now, what the hell is going on?

Is there some magical promotional fairy around? It’s only been free for two days!

I just… I don’t know whether to be scared or excited. People are downloading my story. Isn’t that awesome? Oh, I hope they like it, really I do. I feel bad about the crappy cover now.


I’m just so pleased… I’m gonna go write more! More free porn for all!


Dominion is at #79

It’s at rank #79 in Erotica on Amazon right now. I just want to screenshot that and hug it to bits.

I am somewhat astonished by this. I hope people like it. I want them to like it.

I especially want those who are into BDSM to like it, because that would mean that I got the mindset right.

{added by edit} it’s at #43 now, what in all the hells is happening? Is it okay if I run around laughing like an idiot?


Funny after the fact

Now, I knew Cosmo’s sex tips were not the best, shall we say, but I never knew just how bad they were until I read this.

A couple of years ago, there was this great show called Futurama. It was and is the most awesome thing ever and I loved it so. There was this one episode where the gang crash landed on the planet of the giant Amazonian women, called (of course) Amazonia, where there were no men. Much of it was making jokes about male and female stereotypes, and boy, they could have gotten that really wrong. But it was funny and light-hearted, and played on a lot of the old Star Trek tropes about meeting alien women and sleeping with them, and it was great.

Anyway, this episode has a fantastic line in it from the leader of the Amazonians, when she’s asked what they know about sex: “All we have go on are ancient manuscripts and subscription to Cosmo.” (Yeah, the Amazonians talk like cavemen but they’re obviously smart, it’s hilarious.) At the time, I laughed at this. Having read most of the blog posts at the link above, it is now the funniest damn thing I’ve ever witnessed on TV.

They call sex ‘snoo-snoo’ on Amazonia. Their method of execution is death by snoo-snoo, and now it makes perfect sense, you guys!

I mentally substitute ‘snoo-snoo’ now every time I see the word ‘sex’ written on or in Cosmo. ’52 Snoo-snoo Tips To Make Your Man Hot’. ‘When Your Vagina Acts Weird After Snoo-snoo’ – actual text on the cover of Cosmo, I kid you not.

Snoo-snoo. Heh.

Anyway, Amazon updated the price and Dominion is free! Fly, fly my pretties! AAALLLL the free porn for you!


Dominion is published

About time! It’s up and live, and I’ve set it to be free. If I’ve figured the promotion thing right, it’ll be free in a couple of hours. The price hasn’t updated yet, unfortunately. So wait! Don’t buy it yet! I promise it’ll be free soon! It’s free for five days, and I hope you guys enjoy it.

Okay, I take it back about Amazon. They don’t really hate me. I am not so good with their system, even though they have all the nice instructions and hand-holding and whatnot. Still, that’s another story done, and it feels good. When I get to ten, I’ll package them up and sell them for five bucks.

And now I’m going back to laughing at the sex tips in Cosmo and writing more of that vampire thing.


More covers

Alright. Amazon hates me, but that doesn’t mean I can’t post the cover for y’all to look at, and the blurb. Here it is – Dominion. And it’ll be free as soon as I can upload it.

DOMINION is a short story about sex, whips and bondage.

Gillian Carly is an excellent personal assistant; calm, poised, professional in all things, and incredibly organized. Her new boss is Matthew Robson, the arrogant and driven multi-millionaire CEO of Robson Inc. 

Mr. Robson is used to being in control at all times, but Ms. Carly is not like other women. Supremely efficient and always ready with a snappy comeback, she refuses to be cowed by him and pushes back when he tries to intimidate her.

When he goes too far, and pulls her carefully hidden past out into the light, Ms. Carly turns on him and shows him what real power looks like.