Devil Masque is published

No, really. No regrets. I’m two days late, but I’ve hit the big button that says PUBLISH on the story.

No time for rewrites, not even if I’m not completely happy with it. I can’t stop for anything. Publish it, forget about it, don’t read it again or I’ll likely start going nuts. You wouldn’t like me when I’m nuts. I start twitching and making wibble noises.

You can’t wait around, you know? I did my best in the time I had. Time to move on to the next one, and let this one stand as a testament to either my greatness or my complete lack of skill.

It should be live by tomorrow. I’ve decided to make Kathy’s World free tomorrow and the day after, to use up those tasty KDP Select promo days.

I promised you guys Satanic porn, didn’t I? Well here it is (for a given definition of Satanic porn, which apparently means ‘has a devil mask in it’).


DEVIL MASQUE is a short story about sex, costumes, and dancing with the Devil.

The Masquerade ball is the wildest party on campus, and it’s another fun night out for Angela and her best friend Lily. Nobody knows who anyone else is, and the masks can’t come off until the morning. For Lily, it’s a chance to play around, and Angela’s just along for the ride.

Her night changes for the better when she meets someone very unexpected. He calls himself Lucifer, he’s far more charming than a stranger with fake bat wings really should be, and something about him lights up her world.

The only question on Angela’s mind is who is the man behind the devil mask, but she might never find out.