An honest question

Are my covers bad?

It’s okay, I can take it. I just don’t know what to do with them. I’m wondering if the fact that they don’t really look like erotica covers is a bad thing.

I make them myself. Badly. I kinda splice them together out of whatever I can find, and I don’t use stock photos because I just can’t find any that don’t make me laugh when I think of them on a book cover. I also don’t like dark, broody covers because dark and broody makes me think of angst, and angst makes me think of Fifty Shades or Twilight, and I will stab myself in the eye with an icepick before I write something like either of those two books, money and fame be damned.

I wonder if I should just flip the colors. Make them white text on black, give them some sexy textures or something in the background. I wonder if people see the white and think they’re something that has no sex in it. This makes me cry because I want to deliver ALL THE SEXYTIMES for your *ahem* enjoyment.

I’m going to go make some adjustments.


I’m baffled

What in all the nine circles of hell is going on with all the Texas romance books?

It’s not even about cowboys. If it were cowboys, it’d be just as likely to be Wyoming instead of Texas. So tell me, dear friend – what’s so sexy about Texas, of all places?

Is it those hats? Please say it’s not the hats. You know the ones I’m talking about – the ones that guys wear when they’re pretending to be in a western or something. Or is it the boots? I can just about wrap my head around the idea of cowboy boots being sexy, because boot fetishes are a thing in the real world, but you have lost me on the hats.

The only explanation I have is that Texas has a higher than average number of housewives with a thing for musclebound dudes with drawling accents. I will admit that this isn’t a great theory, and there are other explanations, but anything else I can think of is either ridiculous or borderline insulting to Texans. (Much as I’m happy to speak my mind here, I don’t want to be mean just because I can.)

This could be another market trend that is forever out of my reach. I guess I could attempt to write a story set in Texas, but that would probably be as effective as me writing a story set in Iceland. I just don’t know enough to fake it and it’d probably be obvious to a native.


I joined Goodreads

Not sure why. I guess if I have to do the whole social media thing, I’m going to stick to the one where I can read the reviews of Twilight and giggle to myself.

I’m shocked that there isn’t a list of good erotica short stories, though. Considering they’re so damn popular (apparently) you’d think there would be lots.

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