Do you want to know a secret?

This is not the author. But they wish it could be.

This is not the author. But they wish it could be.

Shay Kassa is a pen name used by an actual author to publish erotica and romance.

Shay Kassa also writes other things, and needs a pen name to make sure that those other things are kept separate. (They are also fond of Impressionist and Renaissance paintings, for no reason whatsoever.) They decided to create a new persona in order to be truly free, to write anything they wished. Shay Kassa is everything the author can’t write in their actual work, because there is a stigma attached to writing sex scenes and trashy romance.

More information will not be forthcoming due to the author’s intense paranoia.

Here you will find many things, mostly the author’s odd thoughts on the experience of being anonymous and writing, snippets of scenes, and stream of consciousness blog posts. (If you’re a Twilight or Fifty Shades fan, then turn back now – this author believes them to be ridiculous at best and badly written bullshit at worst, and an affront to proper vampire/erotica literature.)

And here is the secret, dear reader: just as you don’t know who Shay Kassa really is, no one who knows this author knows of Shay Kassa.

This author answers to no one, and can write without shame. This author can be unfettered.