Control the spice, control the universe

If you’ll forgive the somewhat nerdy Dune reference, I’ve managed to accumulate at least fifteen different herbs and spices for cooking purposes. (I will not be using them to travel without moving.) In my pursuit of dietary perfection, I’ve taken to cooking vegetables and meat without sauces, which means they need to be well seasoned. For that, I need my own spice mix.

I had to resist the urge to sing Scarborough Fair as I went through them today and stacked them all in the cupboard.

The problem I’m facing is that I’ve no idea which combinations of spices work well. I’ll have to experiment, and risk my tastebuds, or start following recipes I find online. Only time will tell whether I gain a mastery of the culinary spice arts, or if I will slowly ruin my sense of taste outright.

The thing that has happened, continues to happen. I am in control.

Watch this space…


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