How I spend my time

I was in a meeting today (because I work in an office, and meetings spawn in offices the way fungus grows on fruit) and I had the pleasure of listening to two co-workers arguing over the placement of a column in a report.

They spent at least ten minutes debating this one thing. I felt absurd, listening to them. Here I was, sitting in an office, listening to two grown adults with (as far as I know) functional brains discussing whether a column should be on the left or the right.

I know why I’m there, of course. I’m a highly skilled consultant, among other things, and I was there to answer questions about this particular report. Ultimately, I would be responsible for making sure their column was placed exactly as they wanted it. But I was merely a spectator to the argument itself, and I almost tuned them out after a few minutes. Very unprofessional of me, I know. Conduct unbecoming of someone who was being paid very well to sit there and listen to what was effectively a very petty concern.

When it passed, and I finally escaped from the meeting Purgatory, I realized I desperately wanted to be anywhere else, and preferably writing instead. But it is not to be, because I have bills to pay and writing will never pay them.

Such is the way of things, dear friends. Sometimes I wish I could earn more from writing, so I would never have to listen to such nonsense again.


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