My health is in constant flux, as many of you know. In spite of my posts about being sick, most of the time I do quite well. I exercise. I eat properly. I practice self-care.

My most recent experiment is in weight loss. I don’t really have any particular goal to be thinner; I have no care for body aesthetics. My interest is in what I can do with my body, and how well I can do it, and I’ve reached a point where my weight is now too high for me to be effective in my exercise. Weight presents a barrier because so much of exercise is so hard, when you weigh more than you should.

So I must consider weight loss. I know the score, that it’s likely impossible or it’ll require a sacrifice of time and mental energy of which I may not be capable. But attempt it I must, or my body will not do what I desire of it. Nothing else truly matters except that.

I have many pitfalls to navigate, not the least of which is that I’m sensitive to sugar and processed carbs, and not eating at carefully defined intervals could lead to me getting very foggy and sick. Yes, I suspect I’m pre-diabetic, and I swear by all the gods, I cannot allow myself to get any further than that.

So… I have work ahead of me, above and beyond my usual writing. But I will still post here. Why not? This is rapidly becoming my journal, of sorts, despite the fact that I’m an anonymous entity. I stand in solidarity with everyone who has body issues and desires to life their best life.


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