Do something often enough…

…and it becomes a habit.

I’m almost forgetting to post every day. Almost. I remember before I go to bed, and even though it’s late, I must write something.

The value is in the effort, you see. You have to try to write something, because you may surprise yourself and create profoundness, or beauty. The practice is the most important thing.

I’m reminded of a study I heard about some time ago. A professor instructed half of his students to make as many ceramic pots as they could, without worrying too much about their quality, and he instructed the other half to focus on making the best ceramic pot possible, no matter how long it took to do each one.

What he found was that the students who simply made as many pots as they could produced pots that were significantly better than the students who tried to make the best pot possible. Isn’t that interesting? It shows that we learn how to improve by doing something repeatedly, and imperfectly, rather by trying to achieve perfection all at once.

So I’m not afraid of my mediocrity. And you should not be either. Let us celebrate our failures as long as we learn something… and focus on making the effort that goes into them a habit.


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