Emotional vampirism

There is a person I know, at a particular sports club I like to frequent. I know little enough about this person, apart from the fact that we share an interest, and I would recognize them on the street if I saw them. We’ve spoken a few times.

Well, I say ‘spoken’, but it mainly consisted of them talking and my listening to them. This person loves to talk. They chatter at high speed, from nervousness or simply obliviousness, on everything from current politics to the latest TV shows. They give their opinions, and inevitably and relentlessly talk about themselves.

They are an emotional vampire. A rare one, but a vampire nonetheless.

I have wondered whether their apparent narcissism is from being insecure or from a need for self-aggrandisment, but the root cause hardly matters. I avoid their company. I have not the time or patience to find out whether there is a good person under the layers of self-centered rudeness.

Thus always to vampires, my friends. Best to avoid them.


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