I’ve found that I need to rest.

I did no writing yesterday. I’ll probably do nothing today. Not for the lack of wanting to; I just have no energy, and my body cries out for peace. Sometimes I forget I’m not superhuman.

I stopped eating much of anything with excessive sugar in it a few weeks ago, and, as part of my restfulness today, I treated myself to a piece of chocolate cake. An hour later, when my stomach had tied itself into knots and showed no sign of getting any better, I regretted every bite of it. It seems that giving up much of the sweet things I like means my digestive system has acclimatized to simpler food, and now it treats chocolate cake as a perfect reason to inflict crippling indigestion on me.

I should also remember that self-care is tricky, and sometimes the things I do to practice self-care don’t really work that well.


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