I’m getting faster

My fingers fly, and the keyboard rattles out a clicking tune. Music to my ears. Soft and gentle and progressive, as I do it every day.

Of course, what I produce doesn’t really seem like quality. The principle of writing a thousand words a day does seem to be very highly based on Nanowrimo. It’s all down to practice, isn’t it? There’s no time for editing, and so the brain becomes used to just telling the story any way possible. Editing comes later, when we’re rested and comfortable.

Now is the time for breakneck speed. Write like the wind! Write as much as you can. Let the story advance however it seems sensible. At some point, you have to trust your sense of narrative structure and just go with it. If it turns out to be a bad idea, you can always write some more.

Someone actually asked me today: how do you swap between stories? As if it is difficult to hold more than one narrative in your head at once. In reality, people do this all day every day, because the world is made of stories. The only difference is that mine are more internal and creative.

Today I wrote 1010 words.


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