Sir Terry Pratchett

I was reminded today that it’s been two years since Terry Pratchett died.

I suppose he’s not that well-known outside the UK, but I read his books. All of them. I loved them deeply. They changed how I thought about the world, about people. They made me laugh, so hard. I wanted to meet him and thank him for every smile he brought to my face.

If you’ve never read his work, then I highly recommend you start with Guards! Guards! Yes, that is the actual name of the book. He’s best known for the Discworld books, and there are several informal cycles of books all set in the same general area and involving the same set of characters. This one is the start of the Watch cycle.

You will laugh, especially if you appreciate witty, intelligent, absurdist humor. Sir Terry was a master of the kind of dry, gentle, sarcastic jokes that the best British comedians are known for, except he was also a master of world-building and characterization and interesting, amazing plots that fire the imagination and draw the reader onwards. There is truly nothing like his work.

I will never meet him. I wish I had, if only just to say thank you, from the bottom of my heart.




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