Romantic movies

Have I ever talked about movies? I do love some movies quite a lot, especially romantic comedies. I find my love of romance isn’t really properly satisfied lately, however, mostly because I enjoy light-hearted stories and the trend is towards too much drama for my taste.

What I really love are silly 80’s romantic comedies. They’re the direct descendants of the so-called ‘screwball’ comedies of the early 20th century; they’re absurd without being cruel or unduly inflicting embarrassment humor on the audience. They’re usually very funny, witty snapshots of human life, of people doing very human things.

I think one of my favorites is You’ve Got Mail.

If you’ll excuse the very, very dated internet graphics, it’s such a delightful story all on its own. It embodies a concept that fascinates me – that of two people who know each other’s inner selves, and know nothing of the mask they wear on the outside. They connect truly and completely without ever knowing the trivial details of each other’s life. I love movies that play with ideas of identity and being.

I think I’ll watch it again sometime soon.


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