Digital Nomads

I sometimes watch reality TV.

Okay, this is a lie: I watch a lot of reality TV. In some way, the stories of actual people living their lives is more compelling to me than invented stories of fantasy, when it comes to my own amusement.

I invent my own worlds, but when it comes to entertainment, I want to know other people first.

But it made me think. I’m a digital nomad, in more ways than one. I look to experience the world through the stories told of people far away, delivered to me by the power of the Internet.

I’m also a digital nomad because I have no roots to call my own. I’m a Millennial who can’t afford to buy property, who’s chosen to live far away from family, in a succession of rented spaces. My life here is a nebulous one, easily lifted and packed into a suitcase and transplanted somewhere else.

I don’t regret this. There are pros to being able to shift your location on a whim. Such a whim took me to where I live now, in the Pacific Northwest, and truly I love this place and I’m glad I came here.

Strange how watching random home renovation shows makes me think of this. So many people have nothing but contempt for such TV, but it’s dear to me. The other lives I see are dear to me.

Here’s to all the digital nomads, reaching out to each other over the Internet. May we never be ashamed of what we are.


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