Thus I am recovered, or at least, enough to write again. I feel somewhat invigorated, as if I could break out into story at any moment.

My partner is sitting across the room from me, engrossed in the latest episode of a sci-fi series called The Expanse. Not for me, unfortunately. I find series that seem to have fallen off the tree of grim and gritty and hit every branch on the way down tiresome. I want things that are bright and happy and colorful.

I think what I would like is an updated version of The Addams Family.

But are they not grim and gritty, I hear you ask? No! No, very much not. The Addams Family are quirky, silly, and lovable underneath that heavy goth aesthetic. The movies are a perfect juxtaposition of tongue-in-cheek comedy matched with a gloomy, dark exterior, and it’s all the more compelling for its absurdity.

Do you think we could have that again? I want to see that. I want reassurance that the world still has a heart, under its callous skin.


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