About that Dating Scene…

Why hello there, my friends.

Oh, I’m still here. Just hard at work at a bunch of things that I don’t need you to know about right now. Still writing. Still trying not to lose my mind too badly.

I missed you. I hope you missed me too.

I’ve been wondering about dating, recently. Now, as we all know, dating is a shitstorm of random pain and rejection and who the hell knows what else, and so there are about a million guides out there that’ll sell you the secret formula to make it all work and to make your gender of choice fall into your lap. I happened to read some of these guides, and they were about the dumbest shit I’ve witnessed in several years, so now… now I have something to do, apart from my musings on sex, gender, kink or whatever.

Guys, I can totally give people dating advice.

Seriously. I’ve been around the block a few times. I could totally give better advice than most of that dumbfuckery. So here’s my first piece of advice, all you lovely dears who are unhappy in romance…

Forget all that bullshit you’ve read about there being one thing you can do, one tactic, one lifestyle. The very idea of it is flat out fucking stupid. Men, women are not clones, and the one who really likes your nice suit or giggles at your pickup line is not representative of all women – you’re just as likely to get one who’d prefer you to be wearing a gimp outfit and be gagged, and who gives you the cold shoulder because she thinks you’re just a fake. Women, there are guys out there who want to start a family. Or who want casual sex. Or a fuck buddy. Or who like to take it slow.

And good grief, there are many, many, MANY people who are just not into you no matter what you do, because there is this thing called personal preference. There are also many people who may possibly want to rip off your clothes on sight, even if you’re not wearing makeup/not ripped/badly dressed. Preference is a weird fucking thing.

So now I’m totally doing this. Because why the fuck not, right? I already talk about sex, I have no shame.


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