An update of sorts

I have been writing! On my phone!

The novel continues. I have finished a chapter, because the bus rides and toilet breaks where I can snatch a few words here and there don’t last too long. I feel bad now because I’m not writing the next part of my long running fanfiction story, but I promise I’ll get back to it.

Mostly, however, I will continue to lurk like the Great God Cthulhu himself.

I’m learning how to draw. Because… I don’t know, because I can? I should? I feel the need to do it, because I must make more things? I’m not so good at noses. I’m wondering if drawing fanart would be good for my skills.

I have to stay away from the news, and all the reminders that the world is a harsh place. My mental health feels fragile, still, like I’ve come back from the edge but I haven’t quite regained my balance yet. Sometimes people talk to me on Steam, and it’s good for me. Talking makes me feel less crazy. Doing things makes me feel less crazy. Making things reminds me that I can still be creative, even if my creativity has gone a little wonky.

And so it goes. I’m still here, dear friends. Now, I have to go and figure out how to install some kind of drawing program…


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