When you have something to hide

…like I do, then the prospect of anyone getting access to my computer is pretty horrifying. I hope the NSA likes porn at least.

So I heard the story this morning of a woman in Long Island who had her house raided by a goddamn SWAT team because she searched for ‘pressure cooker’ while her husband was also searching for backpacks. Sound familiar? Well how the sweet fucking hell did the cops know her search history?! Does anyone else find that creepy as shit?

What the hell, America.

Give us your poor, your tired, your huddled masses? Not any more, we hate immigrants, even though we’re all descended from them.

The land of the free? No. We throw more people in jail than any other country except maybe the worst dictatorships. We have no free speech that isn’t censored by a spineless, sycophantic mass media, or litigated into the ground by trigger happy copyright lawyers.

The home of the brave? Holy fuck, no. As soon as someone whispers the word ‘terrorist’, we damn near wet our collective pants in fear and break out the guns. There are some truly brave people around, but let’s be honest – they are in the fucking minority.

I can’t believe this place, really I can’t. Lots of countries deal with terrorism without losing their mind, and the best we can do is sink the entire fucking economy, screw over our own people, and kill thousands of foreigners, all in the name of fighting an enemy that can’t be fought.

The relatives of those foreigners, by the way, now largely have nothing to live for other than hating America. Because American troops just bombed the shit out of their homes and cities. I can’t believe anyone is surprised that they want to blow us up in turn.

Anyone who says shit about America being the best place in the whole world is either deluded, ignorant, or wilfully blind. And I’m pretty sure that every other first world nation is watching all the shit we do and wondering if America is the same.

Ask a European what they think. The polite ones will sidestep the question. The honest ones will say what they’re all thinking, which is this: are Americans totally fucking insane, or are they just very, very dangerously dumb?

Don’t tell me we haven’t earned that reputation.


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