It never ceases to amaze me

…just how utterly inane 90% of most haute couture is.

Oh, I’m aware that it makes me sound incredibly low brow, but part of my new being-honest-with-myself regime is that I should voice my opinions, and to hell with anyone who takes offence. So now I’m saying it – I think high fashion, the stuff you see on catwalks, is mindless and indifferent masturbation by the designer. It’s as if they secretly dare each other to see who can get the most laughably ridiculous clothing onto the oh-so-serious models, that strut up and down as if they’re not wearing garments that cannot be worn, or even identified as such, by the average human being in possession of a complete brain.

This is why I like Renaissance art so much. The clothing is mostly just large sheets of fabric strategically placed over naked people. You can’t really get it wrong.

I find myself asking: what is the point of the exercise? There is nothing really new or revolutionary about styles of clothing. They go in and out of fashion, and the only real change is in the technology of the time. It’s also limited to women, which is another major annoyance. Consider the average office worker, for example. He likely wears an almost identical suit to that which his father wore, with only slight changes to, say, the length of the lapels. No evolution of color, no real change in cut… It’s boring. And mildly depressing.

Women have it a little better, but then, all fashion is created for women who are much thinner than the average.

This is why stuff like anime and movies and comics are so much more interesting. Costume design for movies, for example, needs to be able to move, and it puts some limitations on the truly ridiculous. Consider how the average geek is more likely to know and want to cosplay a character, rather than ape the style of a fashion designer.

Sometimes I think costume designers and artists with their feet firmly on the ground are the ones who produce truly enduring style, though they may take inspiration from the weirdness of haute couture.


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