Politics is strange, yo

I don’t get why Obama gets so much flak from the right wing.

Like, they’re very obviously racist. Sure, the liberals spoke out against Bush as far as I know, but there was nothing like the level of hatred against him personally. I almost want to say, sure guys, criticize him all you want. That’s a sign of a healthy society and something to be proud of. But seriously, don’t kid yourselves, and don’t try to fool the rest of us when you photoshop Obama’s head onto a monkey’s body, or talk shit about Michelle Obama’s fashion.

Y’all are being racist. Sorry.

Look up the Obama tag on Pinterest sometime and you’ll see what I mean. Some of them are the usual whining about how Obama getting re-elected was a mistake, but good grief – death threats, man. Shit that blames him for everything wrong in the world, whether he started it or not. There’s a current of real hatred, there, more than I ever saw with liberals who plain didn’t like Bush, though admittedly I don’t pay all that much attention to politics.

Seriously, Obama seems pretty chilled for a president. Not perfect, but he seems to be doing his best while surrounded by unrepentant assholes, so I’ll give him some leeway on that. And he seems to give a shit about the little people, which is more than Bush ever did.

Just my two cents.


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