A Novel in the works

Ideas, I have them.

And I have to restart somewhere, my friends. Going slightly mad takes its toll on a body. Coming out of it is going to be a longer process than I expected.

So here is the beginning, and I will see where this idea takes me: I will turn Kathy’s World into a novel. It will be romance novel filled with sex, because that’s just how I roll, but it will be a novel nonetheless – longer than anything I’ve ever written for this hidden life I like to live.

And I am going to write it on my phone. On the bus. On my daily commute.

Why? Because I can. Because I take the moments when I can write anywhere they are available to me. Even this post is being written in a bathroom, before I go back to my day job. I will write this whole thing on a device no bigger than my hand.

If I can write a book on this little thing, I can write anywhere and on anything. And that means I am still a writer, in my heart. That’s the test, my friends. Can I be a writer with only the most basic tools?

We shall have to see.


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