Hearts and clubs

Valentine’s Day is coming.

I’m still debating what to do, but I’m thinking some level of porn will be involved. Also sex. But mostly porn, whether reading, watching or writing it. Should I publish some? Eh, I don’t know. I have some fanfiction that I need to get written beforehand, as well as a large chunk of actual proper writing.

So I’ve been reading Homestuck lately. Yes, all you people on Tumblr, I’m well aware y’all know what that is. For everyone else – it’s… a web comic? Some kind of strange social experiment? A multimedia art installation? I really don’t know. Needless to say, there isn’t anything really like it, but it’s got one aspect that’s been intriguing me lately – the idea of there being more than one type of romance, and that romance can be categorized.

It’s bizarre, like most things to do with Homestuck. (It’s actually described as the romance experienced by trolls, an alien race in the comic. Just go with it.) The general concept is that ‘romance’ can be either love or hate, or mildly platonically friendly, or mildly platonically antagonistic.

Having read this much, I’m convinced that Andrew Hussie (creator of Homestuck) is either a genius, or completely batshit nuts. But it’s fascinating, this concept of relationships – this idea of connections determined by positive/negative and the level of intensity. I’m not even sure I fully understand the nuances of it.

Yes, I’m pondering a web comic. The haters shall hate, and all that. Go read Homestuck. You’ll understand.


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