My next story

I think my next will be to finish Vigilant.

Yes, I know it’s not porn, strictly speaking. Sometimes I wonder if my libido, and therefore my drive to write about sex, is influenced by the weather or something equally weird. My interest in it is not at a constant high, at any rate.

Vigilant is a strange one, though. I could add sex, and it would be right and believable in the context of the story, but… it feels like it needs to hold back a little. Porn right now would not work. The porn needs to wait for a time until it’s properly brewed.

I have other problems to consider in the meantime. I write other things, of course, in my real writerly life. I talk to other writers, not the least of which is my esteemed friend. Those other writers ask me the usual question, “How’s your latest book going, Shay?”

I smile, and shrug, and reply as obtusely as I can. “Oh, I’m still editing it. And working on these chapters, and there’s some continuity problems. It’s a work in progress.”

This is because I can’t say, “Well, it’s going more slowly than usual because some of my time is taken up with writing porn and fanfiction. You know how it is.”

Ah, for all the things I have to hide… someday, my friends. Someday I’ll tell everyone everything. Hopefully I’ll be a bestseller by then, of course.


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