So, movies

I witnessed The Hobbit.

It was acceptable. Let’s be honest here, it was never going to be Citizen Kane, not when the source material would be laughed out of any creative writing course these days for being unbearably long winded. I enjoyed it, in a kind of basic way.

All I can say is that it did not have any sexytimes and they had to bring in Galadriel just so there would be one woman with a speaking part. The rest of the movie was a giant sausage fest of white dudes in fantasy combat with various computer generated villains. If you like that kind of thing, go see it now.

Still, I can’t help wanting them to make a fantasy movie with some depth… is such a thing not possible anymore? They do it with sci-fi, why not with this?

Back I go to writing. Much to do, narrative wise, now that I’m done with the holidays.


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