Happy holiday of your choice

And have we all been good little boys and girls this year?

Shay has a present for you, my friends – free porn! All my stuff is free until the 30th! FLY! FLY MY PRETTIES!

I’ve published that new story I’ve been working on too – and that’ll be free as soon as Amazon lets me make it so. They’re still doing something with it.

Here it is:



“BOY CRAZY is a short story about sex, boys, and relationships.

Andy’s always wondered why his gay best friend, Joe, just isn’t interested in dating. No matter how many hot guys he points out, Joe never makes a move – and he always says that he wants a real relationship, not a casual hookup.

Andy stops thinking about Joe’s love life when his own is in peril. His girlfriend, Carla, dumps him without warning, leaving Andy alone and hurt on a Friday night. Joe keeps him company – and even a little more besides – but did Joe have a hand in the breakup?

And what does Andy really feel about him?”

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