Erotica flows

And when it does, it flows well; out of my brain and onto the page, and it seems like I’m telling a story that’s more familiar than new.

And once again, it’s not really about the sex. It’s about discovering something that was hidden, deep inside, brought to the surface by chance and impulse. Sex is part of the journey, but it’s not the entire journey, because that would be pretty boring, when you think about it.

Erotica isn’t really about sex, you know. Is Harry Potter about magic? Is Star Wars about spaceships? Fantasy and sci-fi have their common elements, but those elements are tools that tell the bigger story – a boy growing up, and learning the truth of his heritage. A young man on a quest to fight against evil. Is it so strange, then, that erotica uses sex instead? It’s such a big part of our lives…

Being pansexual is useful, at least, for seeing all sides of it. And you have to admit, sex is a very enjoyable tool to employ when exploring the human condition. Combine that with a strong imagination and you live in every skin, feel every touch, and hating other fragile, joyful, silly, everyday people becomes difficult.

Erotica flows, and I don’t want to apologise for it in my other life where I have a reputation to protect. But needs must, my dear friends and compatriots; I must earn my bread somehow. In the meantime, of course, I share it all with you, and here is my own personal joy: that you are unfettered, like me, and I can let it flow without fear.

And sometimes that involves me being rather more silly than usual when I talk about writing.


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