Somebody actually

…googled “Shay Kassa wordpress” to get to my blog.

Someone actually did a google search for me! How cool is that? In exchange, here is a story snippet that would have been fanfiction, but I’ve decided to turn it into a proper story. Enjoy!

The first thing he noticed was the legs; long, toned, and clad in some fine leather boots and sheer stockings. Then his gaze moved upwards, taking in the short skirt that just about covered a very attractive ass, and the slim profile that was only accentuated by a short grey jacket with a red, winged patch sewn onto the shoulder.

The second thing he noticed was the height; he towered over most girls, but this one was almost as tall as him without heels. Her hair was very short and boyish, her neck long and graceful. She was wearing glasses, that much he could see beyond the edge of the locker door, but her face was hidden. Did it matter, though? He couldn’t take his eyes off of what was visible, and for the first time in his life, Andrei was attracted to a female.

He felt like rejoicing, like getting down on his knees and giving thanks to whatever god might be listening that his vile and deviant urges were conquered at last. Everything in Russia that had failed him, and resulted in his exile to this strange American college, hadn’t put a dent in his attraction to men, but here he had finally found a girl that stirred his heart – and even if she rejected him, it opened up the possibility that he could find others, and truly have a normal, honorable life. He had never felt so happy that he had come to this country, to this school before.

Andrei barely listened to Sully as he talked about football tactics. All he could do was watch her move as she busied herself at her locker. Just… beautiful, in every way that he could see. Like an ice skater from back home, or a ballet dancer.

“You listening to me at all?” Sully jabbed him in the arm, and Andrei jumped. The American gave him a sly smile, and looked around. “You see something you like, big guy?”

Andrei grinned at him, and nodded in the direction of the unknown beauty. “Who is that?” he asked.

Sully closed his own locker, and leaned against it. “Boy, do you ever know how to pick ’em… That’s Dominic. Half the damn school wants him, but he’s turned down anyone who’s asked. I think Liza was the closest anyone got, and according to her, he’s frigid.” He laughed derisively. “You’d have more luck romancing a rock.”

“…That is a guy?! Why does he wear a skirt?” Andrei said in shock, a chasm of despair opening up in his mind.

“Hell if I know. You know the rules, right? Free expression and all that. He doesn’t talk much to anyone, except for a couple of the science nerds.”

Andrei watched this Dominic close his locker and walk along the crowded corridor towards them. From this angle, it was all too clear; the flat chest and masculine features ruled out any possibility that he could be a girl. And god, he was still beautiful, and graceful in a way that made Andrei’s heart ache and his stomach clench. Pure sex appeal distilled into human form, to his eyes at least, in a body that… that he should not be attracted to, because real men did not lust after other males.

The disappointment was crushing. He was still just as broken as ever. Andrei turned to his locker, feeling like he could cry from shame and self-revulsion.

Sully took it rather differently, and laughed as he patted Andrei’s shoulder. “You thought he was a chick? I thought you just swung that way, heh. Don’t sweat it, though, you ain’t the first one to make that mistake, and even the straight guys around here would nail him if they got the chance.” He nudged him, and gestured in the direction of the cafeteria. “C’mon, let’s get some eats. I’ll set you up with one of the cheerleaders if you want.”

Andrei followed him, but his appetite was gone, replaced with a sick feeling. Dominic passed by them, brushing against his arm as he slipped through the throng, and Andrei caught the faint smell of roses from his hair. It was enough to strain his self-control and make his hands twitch.

“I must go to the bathroom,” he said indistinctly. “I will join you in a minute, yes?”

Sully waved him off, and Andrei nearly ran to the nearest toilet. He shut himself into a cubicle and sat down, holding his head in his hands and trying to collect himself. He couldn’t let this happen again, he just couldn’t – his father would never forgive him, and his uncle would toss him out onto the street rather than have a deviant for a nephew. They sent him here to learn to socialize with girls, in the more easy-going American culture, and all he could think about was that smell, that body.

He hugged himself, tried to ignore the tight feeling in his pants, and started to pray.

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