WordPress has snow on the dashboard, you guys! SNOW! We’re gonna have a white Saturnalia after all!

Anyway, writing.

I am running on… maybe two hours sleep and enough caffeinated beverages to float a whale. I wrote lots. There was drama aplenty. New fanfiction was produced, and the beginnings of some proper original porn. Feels good, man.

This is what happens when I don’t sleep and just slam a keyboard in the wee hours of the morning. I steadily become less coherent and more dependent on stimulants, and I can write as if the power of the gods is wired directly into my brain. I have a theory about this: sleep deprivation causes the bits of me that deal with the nuts and bolts of life – work, eating, showering, talking without sounding like an escaped mental patient – to slow down, and this leaves the bits of me that like to tell stories free to kick it up a couple of gears.

There’s also the insomnia, although what part that plays in my creative process is up for debate.

I checked my report on Amazon last night for the first time in… hell, I dunno, forever… and it appears that I have sold – SOLD! – a few copies of Kathy’s World and Dominion. Salutations, dear porn-seeking friends! I hope you enjoyed them!

Must write more porn and/or finish fanfiction. And do actual writing. And maybe sleep.


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