I have many

I love all my friends. I love all of you too, who read this, because you are my friends, but I have several friends who rise high in my esteem, and they are more treasured.

Such is the way of things. Relative value and all that. The closeness of speaking one on one means more than the one to many.

One of my esteemed friends may be in trouble.

I am worried. I ask them, what do you plan to do, in this time of strife? They don’t have an answer – at least, not a complete one. This worries me more. They are far from me, this esteemed friend, and all the resources I can bring to bear are useless. All I have are words, and advice, and perhaps a friendly ear to talk at.

Is it frustrating? Good gods, yes. Would that I could teleport across the world, and be their friend in person as well as through a computer screen.

Hope is a wonderful thing. So I have to hope, even as I worry, and wait for some word of whether they face a greater calamity or not.

Feel free to wait with me, dear friends. And think of another of us, very far away, who needs more than a few friends right now.


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