Back to sexytimes

I’m falling into that trap, aren’t I? The one where I largely talk about writing, not about the things you’re actually interested in, like porn and the speedy provision thereof.

I promise to write more about actual sexytimes, I promise. I need to earn that mature content flag, after all.

For example: vibrators. And other sex toys, of course. Butt plugs. Such fun things, only spoken of in hushed tones due to the nature of our repressed society.

But not around me, as I have no shame.

I was chatting to my esteemed friend, and I happened to mention that I was hoping to buy some new fun things for the making of sexytimes. I asked for her recommendation, of course.

“Lots of lube, and start small,” she replied jokingly.

I retorted that I was hardly a newcomer to this.

“Indeed,” she said, “but we can all do with a little humility. Don’t over exert yourself, Shay – I know you’ll be tempted to.”

And then she pointed out several choice dildos, and slyly confided in me that she was already wearing a butt plug as we spoke.

My esteemed friend always reminds me that, in many ways, the most ordinary people can hide extraordinary depths.


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