What’s happening

Okay, this is not really usual, but I find that my brain is full of stuff that isn’t porn. So I am not capable of writing porn. What’s happening? What’s going on?

See, here’s the annoying thing about being a writer. Sometimes you get the wrong muse. So it appears that the muse who normally supplies me with x-rated material is off having a smoke, and the muse who’s big into vampires is in da house (or something).


Sigh. I’m writing, isn’t that the important thing? But I’m letting you down, my dear friends. I’m failing you in the delivery of porn. I think I may have to wait until my muse gets back from that smoke break.

In the meantime, I give you vampire stuff. I’ve posted Part 2 of the vampire thing I was writing, called Vigilant. Part 1 is here in case you haven’t seen it already.


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