Of Swordfights and Magic

So I was thinking about swordfights recently, and it seemed that I was writing action scenes that didn’t really have the right level of blood and sweat in them.

I asked my most esteemed friend, of course, for her opinion on such things, as she’s read my other work.

“Really, Shay, I’m not sure there is a right level. Does this bother you?”

Maybe, I replied. I want it to be believable, of course.

She laughed at me. “Don’t be silly. You write anime style fighting. It’s not going to ve believable anyway, and that’s okay, trust me.”

After I picked my jaw up off the floor, I asked her to elaborate. And the final verdict is this: I tend to write fight scenes as if they’re in something like Dragonball Z, with lots of dialogue and successive stages of powering up.

This baffles me, no matter what she says about it being good.

Something tells me I may have to learn sword fighting to get it right.


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