It’s a hell of a thing.

But I’m back, baby. I’m writing. And the feeling is good.

It’s close to midnight and I’m not sleepy, not yet. I’m in that weird limbo place where you know you should be tired, but your brain works too fast to rest properly. I will pay for this in the morning, and I am largely okay with that as long as I can keep this feeling.

By Thor’s eternal scrotum, I have missed the writing headspace.

There is a cat staring at me accusingly. I think she wants to play. Away from me, small animal! I have scenes to write! So many scenes! And PORN! How I have missed you, my delicious porn! Let me count the ways… or maybe not, because we’ll be here all night at that rate.

This weekend, my dears. This weekend. I’m back, and I WILL deliver.


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