So I heard today

…that another successful self-published writer had been picked up for a high six figure deal by Harper Collins. I bet they’re living the dream now.

It’s the done thing now, isn’t it? Self-publish, get major deal, laugh all the way to the bank. And it got me thinking, as I tend to do, on what this means for the publishing industry.

I bet you’re really interested now.


Okay, for all two of you that haven’t closed the browser tab yet – I think it’s a sign.

Of what, dear Shay?

Of the fact that the publishing industry are basically clueless, of course.

Think about it. These arbiters of taste, these keepers of culture, would have you believe that they know what the public wants. They certainly want their investors to believe this. But it’s clear that they really don’t know anything; they rely on “surefire” hits, like books written by celebrities and well known authors, and others that have already become popular due to the unknown author’s hard work or blind luck.

I was thinking about this because I want to see what books are being released by, say, Harper Collins, that were neither self-published nor written by someone well known. I want to know which books were real risks for them, and how they measured up to the big sellers.

I have some research to do, but I suspect I will be proven right… we already know they’re a business, don’t we? A profitable business isn’t in the habit of taking risks.


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