I had such plans

Then I got distracted by another interesting project. I do that far too much.

It is now crazy o’ clock and I have to try to write something when my brain is full of computer code. Like the Matrix but less lame and more ‘one step away from making no sense or blowing up’.

Have you ever blown up a computer? I did once. It was a bit disappointing. All it did was sizzle a lot.

I’ve been reading the cliff notes on Fifty Shades Freed lately, and I’m not surprised to learn that it’s still a colossal train wreck of bullshit the like of which should make any reasonable mind falter. Once again, its popularity both mystifies and horrifies me. I’m still waiting to see what E.L. James comes out with next…

I should really get my head back in the game and start writing again. More free porn for everyone!


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