It’s November

Good grief. And NaNoWriMo is already upon us! I say I’ll do it, but let’s be honest here, writing whole novels in a month is the province of people with lives more stable than mine.

Insomnia is hitting me again. Not too bad, but I barely have time to sleep any more. Where do I fit writing time into all this?

I think I heard this analogy somewhere once – imagine your life is a big glass jar.

Take a few rocks that just fit into it and add them. These represent things like your job, work and sleep.

Get some pebbles that just fit around the bigger rocks. Put them in. They represent things like leisure time and time with your friends and family.

Get some sand and pour it in until the jar is full. That represents the day to day drone of things like showering, driving, walking around, answering the phone, buying your coffee in the morning.

Then get some water, and fill the last of the space in the jar, which is the space between the grains of sand. That represents your writing time. There wont be much of it.

I think I have even less than that now.


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