Seeing is believing

I don’t get the hype surrounding Justin Bieber. This could be a result of my having a passing resemblance to him, if he were older, more cynical, had a different haircut, had his nose broken a few times…

Okay, I look nothing like him, if we’re being honest.

Still, why is he so popular? What’s the big deal? Personally he seems like any other twee, overly saccharine, commercialized pop star to me, but to millions, he’s apparently a demi-god made flesh, here to deliver into us mortals the Music of the Spheres.

Look it up – you have Google for a reason, my dears.

Fame is such a strange thing. I’ve no doubt that Justin is the same as any other male his age – but people delight in the ordinary details of his life. So my question to you, my esteemed friends, is whether Justin sparkles only because he’s famous – or if we all sparkle, but we only pay attention to the celebrities’ glow.

No, I am not talking about sparkling in the Twilight sense, shut up.


3 thoughts on “Seeing is believing

  1. I know what he looks like because of things like memebase on Icanhascheezburger, but I think I’ve managed to avoid actually hearing any of his music. [I got rid of my TV a long time ago.] But no, I don’t get it. I’ve never understood people’s obsessions with what celebrities do. Why should I give a fuck about someone I’ll never meet and probably wouldn’t want to meet? It’s sad to think that people lead such empty lives that they actively seek out information about celebrities to presumably live vicariously through strangers with extravagant wealth. Stars are stars because the media tells the little sheep that they are, when there are surely thousands of more talented/interesting/creative people laboring in obscurity.

    • Eh, too depressing. I prefer to think that everyone is basically more interesting than they appear to be, and it’s only the spotlight on celebrities that makes them seem larger than life.

      So, in effect, you could take anyone and turn them into a celebrity. 😛

  2. Bluck says:

    The people I have talked to about him seem to be enamored with his perfection. They go on and on about how cute and baby like he is. These same people are the one’s that obsess over Disney and the perfect fantasy lives Disney sales. Nothing bad can stick to him (like the pregnancy accusation) because he is a real life Disney character to his fans. His life, I would agree, is vicarious escapism for the general population. His fans are just as invested in his life as he is (with their money) so they make him deliver a good product by publishing everything he does. Honey Boo Boo is a good example of how anyone can be turned into a celebrity. It is really all in how the video editing team puts the show together. They basically stir shit till they get gold.

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