I am not a people person

Not in person, if you know what I mean. The online world speaks a language I can understand, and here I am myself, more or less, but offline I have to focus to avoid making an ass out of myself.

Would that I had grown out of this behavior as I grew out of my teens, but the unfortunate truth is that people mostly move too fast for me. There are too many social cues that I have to interpret, too many hidden signals I have to try to parse into my responses and body language.

No, I don’t have Aspergers or whatever. I just can’t understand social interactions by instinct, like most people do. (Long story.) And I might think fast, but I can’t process it all that fast.

Heh. Introvert offline, extrovert online. I’m a walking, talking cliché.

I don’t know whether I’m still lacking my mojo, or whatever part of me does the writing and the dreaming and the rambling on at length. Only one way to find out, eh? And Nanowrimo is coming up. I might be able to do it this time…

I have porn to write. Back later.


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