I feel better

I think I feel good enough to write again, though who knows what’ll come out? Either way I feel less like the universe’s punching bag. I feel like there are still good things in the world.

So, let’s have a little less of Depressed and Angsty Shay, and more of Bright and Sometimes Silly Shay!

You know what fascinates me? Japanese hentai. It’s just incredible to me that it exists and it’s such a major part of Japanese culture. Western fetish stuff seems utterly banal in comparison.

A big chunk of America thinks BDSM is taboo, for example. I can’t imagine what they’d think of some of the more popular tropes in Japanese erotica, like, say, supernatural tentacle sex. Where hentai is deviant, it’s so far beyond the madness horizon that you question the sanity of the people who made it. It’s sexuality fused with imagination and with all the brakes off.

I just can’t help liking the freedom of it. It explores themes and ideas in a way that Western porn is almost afraid to, and it being drawn or animated opens it up to a whole range of possibilities that are absent from productions involving real life actors.

It is, like the darker recesses of the Internet, unrestrained and bizarre and almost a case study on the human psyche.

Of course I find it interesting.

This isn’t to say I could write it. I’m too indifferent to the whole ‘long-haired pretty boy/giant balloon tits’ look which seems to constitute much of the art style of hentai. So – I applaud it for being daring, but I dislike the execution. Still, I highly recommend a tour of duty around the /d/eviant board of 4chan for a full experience of the heights and depths of hentai. It’s almost an inoculation against the worst the Internet can throw at a person.


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