When we fall down

What do we do, when we fall down? When we’re knocked back, knocked up, beaten up, shamed, dismissed, hurt…

One step forward, two steps back. Such is the way of life. And clichés are the nuts and bolts of language, for all that they’re overused.

I’m made out of pretty tough stuff. I have to be. I haven’t had an easy life. I’m only glad that it’s made me compassionate, instead of unfeeling. It lets me understand pain.

Times like these, when I have to carry a hell of a lot around inside me, it makes me resilient. What do we do, when we fall down? We stand up, and sometimes it makes us that much harder to trip again.

I’ve been knocked down enough that it takes nothing short of a major bombshell to faze me. After this… I think it’ll take a nuclear blast or more, right to the frontal lobes. Because I will get through this. Every word I type brings me closer to being whole again, to living and breathing in stories again.

I will get through this, dear friend. And when I do, we shall celebrate with beer and cookies and cocktails full of suspiciously sticky liqueurs.


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