Bah, I’m tired.

I’ve been writing like a fiend, but the writing produced has been fanfiction rather than original stuff. Such is the way of things when I get an idea or I find the need to roll with it.

I’m partway through the new story too, which will hopefully be equal parts hot and somewhat cute. But my tastes vary with the tides, sometimes, and it’s likely I’ll not be able to tolerate cuteness for any length of time. Then it’s back to deviation, kink, weirdness, and all the usual nonsensical crap you’re probably used to by now.

You’re such a good friend for putting up with my rambling. Next time we hit the bar, I’ll buy you a drink, I promise.

I’m still mulling over that vampire story. Dare I make it little more then porn, or will I save it for a longer, more epic adventure? I have no particular attachment to it, which is odd for me. Usually I live in the story. This one, however, doesn’t hold my attention.

I’m distracted. Without a hook, a concept, a trope or theme for me to explore, I lose focus and begin to bounce from one story to the next. Do you know how many things I have in the works, right now? Go on, guess.

Three novels – one fantasy adventure, one slightly urban fantasy, one utterly bizarre paranormal romance.

Two different original short stories – the new one, and Vigilant.

One long-running serialized fanfiction story.

Three different fanfiction shorts.

I still don’t know how I can hold all of these in my head at the same time, but it’s all there. I flip between them as needed. One bores me and I move to the next. The novels are such enormous problems; I finish the stories far sooner than them. I should really just finish one.

Then, of course, there’s all the usual procrastination that every writer is so familiar with, with the added bonus of my intense love of computer games that involve shooting things with guns.

I’ll get through it all somehow… I just wish I had more time in the day.


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