Maybe no release today

So I was planning to have the next story up on Amazon today, and I think it’s not going to happen.

I am so bad at keeping deadlines…

Sometimes I must take painkillers. These are good and necessary to my continued health and sanity. Unfortunately, these painkillers have an effect on me not unlike that of illegal drugs.

At this very moment I am blitzed out of my mind and it is an effort of superhuman proportions just to type the right letters on my keyboard. As the effect progresses, I shall become more zombie-like and less coherent until I turn into a thick-headed, insensible waste of space.

The pay-off for this is that I do not suffer, but it does mean I’m completely useless for a while.

(I’m still filing everything under news, hah! This is news. News about me, which is important of course.)

I’m going to go and rest before I start typing words at random. I promise more porn soon.


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