Weird observation time

Okay, so I’m pretty indifferent about porn in general because most of the readily available stuff is just way too vanilla for my taste. I also don’t have the energy to go looking for kinky things.

Whoah, my ears just popped. …Sorry, just wanna share.

Anyway – I’ve been wandering around my favorite tumblrs lately on a search for good guy porn , and I keep coming back with a resounding ‘MEH’. It’s just so, so, SO same-y. It looks more like an Olympic sport than actual sexytimes, like I should hold up a score board when the dudes involved climax. None of it looks comfortable and no one looks like they’re having any fun.

I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, hence my disdain for most porn.

While I’m on the subject – what the hell is with all the damn tattoos?! Is there a rule somewhere that gay porn stars need to have some ink? And why do they all put one hand on their hip when they’re jerking off, instead of, say, on an actual erogenous zone? Why are there so many weird camera angles?

They’re all shaved, ripped and sans foreskins, and I am so utterly bored by them and their stupid painful porn-faces.


I’m sure these guys like what they do, but dammit, they need better writers and directors.

In other news – new story on Friday, hopefully.


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