So that went well

Gave away about 700 copies of Dominion. It is my most fervent hope that those copies contributed to some grade-A sexytimes, and I get some reviews out of it.

Now! On to the next one. There will be college boys making out. This I have decreed.

I’ve been reading Reddit’s LGBT boards, looking for random snippets of lives to use as inspiration, and one thing struck me pretty early on – I have never struggled with my orientation the way some people do. I am pansexual and I am okay with it. I’ve always been okay with it. I didn’t always know it, but when I figured it out, it wasn’t mind-blowing or completely shattering. It just was. I didn’t really think about it, any more than I’d think about any other part of me. It was just like, hey, I can feel attraction to anyone. That is interesting, I wonder what it’s called?

I never had to face being shunned or beaten or whatever, because I can pretend to be straight if I want to. I’m grateful for that, but I don’t kid myself that it would have been different if I had come out. Life is shitty, I ain’t gonna pretend otherwise. I just happened to get lucky in that respect. Makes me feel a bit boring sometimes, I guess, and I know that’s a pretty shitty thing to think as well because the alternative is worse.

On the other hand, bonus! ALL kinds of porn turn me on! No restrictions for me, no sir!


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