The next story

So I’ve been thinking, in between staring at the vampire thing and laughing at Cosmo, about what the next story should be.

Remember what I said about porn WITH plot? The sex is just there as a pay-off. The story isn’t about sex alone, though, or it’d be forgettable. I really do think that’s the dividing line between fapping material and actual erotica – the former is brain dead, and the latter contains contains fapping material wrapped up in a whole soufflé of awesome that enhances it and makes it meaningful and memorable.

Hopefully. I mean, erotica is still allowed to be crap. I’ve been reading stuff lately that would make the grammar fiends among us keel over from a heart attack. My source for erotica – not including fanfiction – is HundredZeros, a site that lists a load of free books by category. I also trawl through Amazon’s erotica list, sorted by price, and I try to dig up new releases. Shocking news, I know, but Sturgeon’s Law is right. 90% of everything is crap. Still, it helps me develop ideas.

There are some places I won’t go, however. There are some things I won’t write. Nothing that’s unambiguously illegal and totally fucked up in real life, like, say, necrophilia. Nothing under-age. Some people get off on dark stuff like manipulation or abuse – the horrible kind, not the deep, interesting, BDSM kind. Can’t do that. I can’t write people being damaged and make it titillating. (BDSM is not damaging if you’re doing it right. It’s fun. It’s sexy. It’s catharsis. Not ‘I am now broken inside my head’.)

Then there’s stuff I have no interest in. No furries, for example. I don’t have the mindset for it. No tentacles or other otherworldly elements – I think they work better in visual form – meaning no magical sex.

No sex that’s physically impossible, because I am somewhat nitpicky about realism. Nothing similar to Fifty Shades or other really terrible porn unless I’m poking fun at them.

Still a lot of room in there. I think my next will be gay – two guys gettin’ it on, I mean.


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