More covers

Alright. Amazon hates me, but that doesn’t mean I can’t post the cover for y’all to look at, and the blurb. Here it is – Dominion. And it’ll be free as soon as I can upload it.

DOMINION is a short story about sex, whips and bondage.

Gillian Carly is an excellent personal assistant; calm, poised, professional in all things, and incredibly organized. Her new boss is Matthew Robson, the arrogant and driven multi-millionaire CEO of Robson Inc. 

Mr. Robson is used to being in control at all times, but Ms. Carly is not like other women. Supremely efficient and always ready with a snappy comeback, she refuses to be cowed by him and pushes back when he tries to intimidate her.

When he goes too far, and pulls her carefully hidden past out into the light, Ms. Carly turns on him and shows him what real power looks like.

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